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Professor Shaeer is the expert in the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Professor Osama Shaeer is one of the most experienced surgeons in the field of surgical Andrology (penile prosthesis implantation for treating erectile dysfunction, correction of penile curvature, infertility surgery..), with over twenty five years of experience, and over 50 international scientific publications and surgical innovations that have improved the results of surgery.

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Dr.Sheer is Professor of Andrology at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt


Dr.Sheer is Professor / Academician, at the European Academy of Andrology


and holds the PhD degree in Advanced Penile Prosthesis Implantation from the University of Amsterdam

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Prof.Shaeer, the Andrology doctor and professor, has been practicing since 1995. His innovations in Andrology have much improved the results of both medical and surgical treatments for Andrology disorders.

Among his publications are many innovative surgical techniques in Andrology, focused on management of difficult cases of penile prosthesis implantation, treatment of genital abnormalities and infertility. Shaeer’s Corporal Rotation, Shaeer’s Penoscopy, Shaeer’s Punch Technique, Shaeer’s Anti-scarring Technique, Shaeer’s Pelvi-Scrotal Vaso-vasostomy and Dorsal Palloplasty are just examples of his surgical innovations in Andrology. Here is a brief description of Shaeer’s techniques in Andrology, with more details in the dedicated pages on this website:

Shaeer’s Corporal Rotation

The first ever surgical technique to correct a curved penis without loss in length.

Shaeer’s Penoscopy

The first ever technique to remove fibrous tissue from the penis using an endoscope (an optical instrument with a resecting tip)

Shaeer’s Punch Technique

The first ever technique in Andrology to remove Peyronie’s disease and implant a penile prosthesis through a small incision and in a relatively very short time.

Shaeer’s Anti-scarring Technique

The first ever technique in Andrology to minimize or prevent fibrosis of the penis if an infected penile implant is to be removed.

Shaeer’s Pelvi-Scrotal Vaso-vasostomy

The first ever Andrology technique to correct absence of sperm due to a hernia repair

Dorsal Palloplasty

The first ever technique by Osama Shaeer to enhance length of the penis upon penile implant surgery

And much more

Furthermore, Prof.Shaeer launched the “Global Online Sexuality Survey” in 2010, re-launched in 2015. The survey has resulted in more the eight international publications investigating and comparing sexuality across different cultures.