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Kamal Shaeer Hospital is a pioneering center of excellence in Andrology surgery including penile prosthesis implantation, penile curvature and IVF/ ICSI. Operating and continuously updated since 1996, we have thousands of very satisfied gentleman from allover the world for whom sexual function was totally restored.

The hospital is fully equipped and enjoys the highest levels of sterilization and quality control. Above all, we are -to our knowledge- the only hospital world-wide with a dedicated surgical theater for penile prosthesis implantation surgery. This means that no other surgeries are conducted in this theater to avoid contamination.



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Message us by Whatsapp

Online Consultations

It is now possible that Prof.Shaeer evaluates your case thoroughly online. You may fill-in your medical data electronically and upload the investigations you performed. You shall receive Prof.Shaeer’s opinion and communicate with him via email, audio or video call.