Penile Fibrosis | Corporal Scarring : The Solution

Fibrosis of the penis / fibrosis of the corpora cavernosa / corporal fibrosis / corporal scarring : are all synonyms to the same condition where the healthy vascular erectile tissue in the erection cylinders of the penis ( corpora cavernosa ) are replaced by unhealthy fibrous tissue. Vascular erectile tissue is elastic, fills up with blood, to induce erection. On the other hand, fibrous tissue is tough tissue that does not expand. Corporal fibrosis results in loss of erection. Fibrous tissue shrinks and contracts over time. Therefore, fibrosis of the penis also results in shortening or curvature that can be severe. 

In this article you will learn about the latest innovation in restoring erection and length to patients with fibrosis of the penis : SHAEEER’s CAVERNOTOME. 

Priapism / penile implant infection: the latest in removing penile fibrosis & penile implant surgery
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What are the causes of penile fibrosis – corporal scarring ?

Total corporal scarring usually results from priapism or penile implant infection. This is to be differentiated from partial and patchy fibrosis of the walls of erection cylinders “ Peyronie’s Disease ” which is not the scope of this article. 

1- Priapism

Priapism is prolonged erection not related to sexual excitation and not relieved by ejaculation. Priapism results from diseases such as sickle cell anemia , drug abuse, or intracavernous injections which are injections used by patients with erectile dysfunction to induce erection. Since erection is due to expansion of the penis with blood, prolonged erection in case of priapism ends up with blood clotting inside the penis, resulting in corporal fibrosis or corporal scarring. Priapism ends up in total loss of erection and shortening of the penis. 

2- Penile implant infection

Penile implant infection is another cause of corporal fibrosis . Penile implants are devices surgically implanted inside the penis to treat erectile dysfunction. They give excellent erection.  However, in rare cases, penile implant infection may force the surgeon to remove the infected penile prosthesis , and wait for several weeks until the infection resolves, then try and implant another penile prosthesis . However, during those weeks of waiting, penile fibrosis occurs. Fibrosis of the corpora cavernosa occurs , obliterating the natural cylinders into which the penile implant is inserted. Cases with corporal scarring are very challenging. Since penile fibrosis is tough tissue, therefore it is difficult to make space through it to insert another penile implant. 

How to treat cases with penile fibrosis / corporal scarring ?

Whatever the reason of penile fibrosis is, there is loss of erection and shortening of the penis. we need to restore erection and length to the penis. The only way to do that is by opening a track through the corporal fibrosis along the length of the penis, and implant a penile prosthesis . Opening a track is very difficult. Only a hand-full of surgeons around the world can do it, with difficulty and risk. The surgeon has to use metal instruments and push with force through the corporal scarring. This may fail, or may open a track that is too narrow, or may frequently end up with the instrument perforating the penis . Also, the extended operative time may lead to penile implant infection.

If the surgeon succeeds in opening the track through penile fibrosis, he may widen the track with cavernotomes . Cavernotomes are instruments that scrap the penile fibrosis off the walls of the erection cylinders to widen them . However, they will not help with opening the track through the cavernous fibrosis . More often than not, penile prosthesis implantation following priapism or following penile implant infection will fail, with complications, or if successful, a down-sized penile implant will be used. Not until  SHAEEER’s CAVERNOTOME. 

What is Shaeer’s Cavernotome and how does it help with penile fibrosis – corporeal scarring ?

Prof. Osama Shaeer is a world-famous surgeon in the field of penile implant surgery , with many inventions and novel surgical techniques that are recognized and used across the globe. 

Prof.Shaeer invented and patented SHAEEER’s CAVERNOTOME. This is an instrument that renders penile prosthesis implantation in to scarred corporal bodies both easier and safer.  SHAEEER’s CAVERNOTOME is essentially a metal corer. SHAEEER’s CAVERNOTOME is a hollow metal cylinder with cutting teeth arranged at the tip around the perimeter. Rather than forcing a metal instrument through the corporal scarring.

Shaeer's Cavernotome for penile fibrosis and corporal scarring
Shaeer’s Cavernotome for penile fibrosis and corporal scarring

SHAEEER’s CAVERNOTOME is rotated gently through the corporal scarring , coring out and grinding penile fibrosis. No forward thrusting motion is needed, thus the very low possibility of perforation. Coring grinds the penile fibrosis into the hollow core of SHAEEER’s CAVERNOTOME, hence effective excavation of the corporal fibrosis with less resistance . SHAEEER’s CAVERNOTOME is available in several diameters. Choosing the suitable diameter for the penis at hand will result in a track that is wide-enough to implant a proper width penile implant  , not a down-sized penile implant .

Where can I have penile implant surgery following corporal fibrosis – penile fibrosis ?

SHAEEER’s CAVERNOTOME is available to surgeon’s worldwide through and has published the technique for the benefit of every patient anywhere. Prof.Shaeer receives patients from all over the world with penile fibrosis because of priapism on top of sickle cell anemia or otherwise, and with corporal scarring following penile prosthesis infection, in his highly specialized hospital in central Cairo, Egypt. Prof.Shaeer’s hospital is one of the few centers of excellence in penile implant surgery worldwide.