Cost of Penile Implant and Curvature Surgery in Egypt

Cost of malleable penile implant surgery starts from 4500 USD, all inclusive. Cost of a three-piece inflatable penile prosthesis surgery is 12000 USD, all inclusive*. As regards penile curvature surgeries, there are several surgical approaches. Shortening techniuques range from 2000-3000 USD. Corporal Rotation and Peyronie’s plaque surgery cost 4000-6000 USD.

The Penile Proshtesis Surgery Expert Professor Osama Shaeer

Cost of penile prosthesis implantation surgery in Egypt is approximately 50% of its cost world-wide. This is despite using the highest quality implants made and guaranteed by the best two US-based manufacturers; Coloplast and American Medical Systems. Each implant comes with its official guarantee covering mechanical failure.

Further options include:

Cost of Semi-rigid penile (malleable) prosthesis surgery + advanced restoration of length: 6500 USD

Cost for Inflatable Penile Implant surgery + advanced restoration of length: 14000 USD

* Please email Prof.Shaeer to double check in case there are changes and the page has not been updated to reflect them.

Professor Shaeer is one of the pioneers of penile prosthesis surgery and the inventor of several techniques that enhance length and appearance of the penis, that can be performed in the same session with penile implant surgery.  Prof.Shaeer is a scientist, inventor of many surgical techniques, Professor of Andrology at both Cairo University – Egypt and the European Academy of Andrology. Click here for a list of the scientific publications.  He is also one of the few certified trainers for penile prosthesis implantation surgery from The number one penile implant manufacturer; Coloplast.

Surgery is a one-day procedure and requires stay in Egypt for 1-3 days. However, you should not miss the chance to tour Egypt alongside.

Our highly equipped and sterile hospital in Cairo holds three operating rooms, one of which is exclusive for penile implant surgery, providing a very high grade of sterilizationز 


What is Penile Implant Surgery?

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