Penile Curvature / Penile Deviation


What is Penile Curvature?

Penile curvature is a condition that affects 1-5% of males. Penile curvature or penile deviation is when the erect penis is curved or the erect penis is bent. This is in contrast to an straight erect penis that is pointed downwards, upwards or sideways, but is straight. This is not a curved penis.

A curved penis can be cosmetically unappealing, and in moderate to severe degrees, can make intercourse difficult or painful to the female partner. In severe degrees, it can prevent successful sexual intercourse. Here is an illustration of different shapes of penile curvature.


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This two-part video is the most comprehensive resource on the causes and treatment of the curved penis.

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Penile curvature explained

Professor Osama Shaeer is the pioneer in treating penile curvature, having developed several surgical techniques that have addressed the shortcomings of prior surgical techniques and improved their outcome.

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What are the Causes of Penile Curvature

A curved penis can be either

  • Congenital penile deviation: has been there for as long as you can remember. This is mostly a congenital abnormality, inborn. It can be associated with abnormal position of the urethral meatus (urine outlet), and can be due to overgrowth of one side of the penis leading to bending of the erect penis to the opposite side.
Congenital penile deviation
  • Acquired penile deviation: Curvature that has newly developed. The curved penis is mostly due to fibrosis ( Peyronie’s Disease ), but can also be due to other reasons such as trauma, penile fracture or repeated use of erection-enhancing medicines that are injected into the penis (intracavernous injections / ICI).
Acquired penile deviation

What are the Surgical Treatment Options for Penile Curvature?

If penile deviation exceeds a certain degree, surgery may be indicated. In the hands of experts like Prof.Shaeer, Surgery is a simple procedure that takes something between 30 to 60 minutes max. This is a one day surgery and the patient can leave the hospital the same day and resume sexual intercourse after a minimum of 1-month to 3 months. the success rate of this surgery exceeds 90%.

Shortening Techniques

16-Dot Technique or Shaeer’s Double-Eight Technique


Length-Preserving Techniques

2. Peyronie’s Plaque Surgery: Incision and grafting or Excision and grating


Confused? Our Wizard is here for you!

If you suspect your penis is curved, our online penile curvature wizard will help you in a step-by-step fashion reach a diagnosis for your case. You just compare your penile deviation with the listed pictures and click one that best matches your case. The wizards will then take you to the provisional diagnosis of your case, explain it, and through a series of simple questions, suggest the best treatment option tailored for you.

You can further consult Prof.Shaeer online! You may send a picture of the erect curved penis along with a short history of your case, and Prof.Shaeer will get back to you with a preliminary evaluation and suggestions for treatment.