ICSI + Tourism

We recommend ICSI in Egypt at winter time (January / February), and in Europe / Bosnia / Sarajevo at summer time (June/July). However, ICSI can be still performed around the year, though at a slightly higher cost.  Gathering ICSI procedures in particular months of the year is one of the reasons behind the very competitive ICSI cost that our team offers.

Winter-Time: IVF / ICSI in Egypt

IVF / ICSI in Egypt meets the highest international standards. Kamal Shaeer
 Hospital is one of the best IVF centers in Egypt, founded 1996 in collaboration with Nottingham University, UK. It is recognized by the World Health Organization as a teaching and directing center for physicians in the field. The center has expanded to Luxor (Southern Egypt) and to United Arab Emirates (Sharjah). 

In our centers in Egypt, IVF / ICSI cost around 1500-2500 USD, inclusive of medications. 

It is required to stay in Egypt for 21 to 40 days, which is one more reason to have this procedure performed in Egypt During this period, it is possible to enjoy the
fabulous tourist attractions in Egypt, from those of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization to the fascinating Red Sea, including visits to the Pyramids, Egyptian museum, Nile cruises, Red Sea coral dives..endless amusement.

Summer Time: IVF / ICSI in Euorope / Bosnia 

Another option is to have the procedure done in Europe; Sarajevo. Sarajevo is a tranquil city with the most beautiful landscapes and rivers. Our hospital is situated in the city center, a short distance from all the attractions, both the modern and the natural. The medical team is one of the most experienced in Europe, with referrals from all over the world.

The average cost of ICSI cycles in Sarajevo is 3500-4500 USD, inclusive of medications.

Our team can arrange accommodation and enjoyable touristic visits. The package for two depends on the type of accommodation required,  whether apartment or hotel accommodation, and the star-rating of the hotel.

Broadly speaking, 30-day accommodation + nine touristic visits arranged between the clinic visits should cost 3100 USD – 5700 USD, in addition to the cost of ICSI. This is excluding flight and visa cost.

How long will it take?

The lady needs to be examined before the menstrual cycle. After menses is off, treatment for induction of ovulation starts, over 2-3 weeks, with follow up twice a week. Then the procedure is performed (without surgery), over 5 days. No hospital stay is required. Overall, ICSI requires around 30 days. Our team can arrange accommodation and enjoyable touristic visits throughout. Think of it as a vacation with benefits ?