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Men’s Health provides you with accurate scientific information on erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and male infertility, and ways to test yourself whether or not you have impotence / erectile dysfunction, and possible treatments.

Professor Osama Shaeer is professor of Andrology at Cairo University and the European Academy of Andrology, with several innovations in the fields of treatment of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and male infertility.

This application allows you to test if you have impotence, determine its degree, and understand the different ways for treatment of weak erection including medications for erectile dysfunction such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, and highly successful surgical methods such as penile prosthesis implantation / penile implants. It also informs you of the criteria for determining whether or not you have premature ejaculation and how to treat it, in addition to full details on male infertility, semen analysis, causes of weak fertility as varicocele and otherwise, and how to treat them including assisted reproduction, IVF and ICSI.