Online Consultation

Welcome to the Online Consultation Portal for Prof.Osama Shaeer

Most medical conditions require direct examination and communication. However, some may be resolved online. Prof.Shaeer will filter the questions and inquiries after preliminary scanning to decide which can be resolved online. Please send a summary of your case by email fora free initial evaluation, before selecting a paid service.

For a detailed study of your case, evaluation of your tests, direct communication with Prof.Shaeer and possibly a treatment decision, you may use the paid online consultation service.

  1. Fill-in your medical information in the Electronic Medical Information Form. Click the image to the right.
  2. After completing the form, return to this page, select and pay for the “preliminary evaluation” service from the options at the end of the page.
  3. Prof.Shaeer will study your data and determine whether he can reach a full diagnosis online or if the case requires direct examination.
Online Medical Form
  • If a full diagnosis can be reached online, you will next select and pay for “Online Consultation by Email” or “Online Consultation Call-in” and you will be able to communicate with Prof.Shaeer and receive you diagnosis and prescription.
  • If the case requires direct examination, then you shall receive a description of the possible causes and treatment options. No further payment is required for that purpose apart form the cost of the “preliminary evaluation

Reservation for Surgery

Once your discussion with Prof.Shaeer has revealed that surgery is the option, you can pay an advance payment to book your surgery, such that your surgery is scheduled next day to your arrival. In most cases, you can fly back home the day after.


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