Penile Curvature Wizard – mild


You Have a Mild Degree Penile  Curvature

This degree of curvature does not necessitate surgical correction. It will not usually interfere with penetrative sexual relationship. However, if this curvature is new to you, meaning that, you used to have a straight penis but its becoming curved more and more, this may be a case of Peyronie’s disease (refer to the relevant page on this website), and this may require medical treatment to keep it from progressing.


Lets Verify Your Degree of Penile Curvature

This illustration shows the different degrees of curvature and how they are calculated relative to a straight penis. Which degree do you think you have?


The following degrees pf penile curvature will not interfere with sex and do not necessitate surgical intervention:

  • Downwards (ventral): <30 degrees
  • Upwards (dorsal): <35 degrees
  • Side-ways (lateral): <15-20 degrees

Need the Andrology Expert to verify your degree of curvature? Send a clear photo in the erect state.


Although this mild degree of penile curvature will not hinder sex, nevertheless, some men with a mild penile deviation may prefer to repair the curve and get a fully straight penis, for cosmetic reasons. This can be done. In this scenario, we recommend the plication techniques. Click here for more information