Penile Curvature Wizard – moderate to severe


You seem to have a degree of penile curvature that may require surgical intervention

Surgical correction for penile curvature enjoys a very high success rate. Several techniques exist for correction of the penile deviation, including several that are the inventions of Prof.Osama Shaeer, the Andrology Expert.

The choice of surgical technique depends

  • The cause of curvature (life-long or newly-developed)
  • The Direction of curvature
  • The degree or severity of curvature
  • Whether or not erection is of normal rigidity; whether the patient has erectile dysfunction

How does one calculate the degree of penile deviation?


This figure illustrates various degrees of curvature, Check your degree against the illustration. Also, feel free to send-in a photo in the erect state for evaluation by professor Shaeer (Contact Us).

What degrees of curvature a re considered moderate or severe?

This depends on the direction of curvature:

Moderate curvature:

  • Downwards (ventral): from 30 to 50 degrees
  • Upwards (Dorsal): from 35 to 50 degrees
  • Sideways (lateral): from 20 – 40 degrees

Severe curvature:

  • Downwards (ventral): > 50 degrees
  • Upwards (Dorsal): > 50 degrees
  • Sideways (lateral): > 40 degrees

Moderate Penile Curvature

تقوس العضو الذكري بدرجة متوسطة

Severe Penile Curvature

severe collective

What Now?

Q1-Do you suffer from weak erection or inability to maintain erection, at most sexual encounters?

Erectile dysfunction must be evaluated and treated first. If it is mild / treatable ED, then we are back to our course, treating the case as a case of penile curvature.

If the case is severe ED that is not responding to treatment, then surgery for penile prosthesis implantation may be necessary, along with correction of penile curvature.

Q2. Moderate to severe curvature without ED? All right then, How long have you had this curvature?

  • For as long as I can remember, I have always had it, I cannot recall that it was ever straight

This is a case of congenital penile curvature. Click here for treatment options

  • My penis was straight, but it developed a curve at some point in time

This is a case of acquired penile curvature. Click here for treatment options